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报告人:Fuwen Yang  教授,博导,Griffith University

报告时间: 73日下午3:00




  In this talk, the challenges of integrating renewable energy into power grids will be presented and microgrids as one of feasible solutions for renewal energy integration will be introduced. A few control methods will be provided for renewable-based microgrids.



  Fuwen Yang is a Professor in the School of Engineering and Built Environment at Griffith University and the group leader of Smart Energy Systems within the Institute for Integrated and Intelligent Systems. His current research interests include Networked Control Systems, Fault Detection and Diagnosis, Health Monitoring, Microgrid Control and Optimisation, Renewable Energy Integration. He has published more than 300 journal and conference papers. His publications have been cited 10769 times with h-index of 51 according to Google Scholar. Fuwen Yang has been recognised by the Stanford listing of top 2% researchers in the field of engineering for both single year and career.

  Fuwen Yang is currently working on ARC Discovery project and ARC Linkage Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities project, ARC Linkage project, CRC Reliable Affordable Clean Energy (RACE) 2030 project, and Advance Queensland Innovation Partnerships Program project.

  Fuwen Yang has been serving as Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine, Journal of The Franklin Institute, Australian Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Frontiers in Energy Research-Smart Grids. He has been a Senior Member of IEEE since 2004 and a Fellow of Engineers Australia since 2023.

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